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100+ Videos Linking Careers and Curriculum

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Real People, Real Careers

Empower your students with knowledge and confidence to navigate the world of work. Our video library features professionals across diverse industries, providing your students with a first-hand look at careers.


Created For Students,
Useful For Teachers

Young People spend nearly one hour a day consuming video content on TikTok and YouTube. We curate and moderate interesting videos to ensure they help you inspire SEND, AP and Mainstream students. 

Unlimited Instant Access

Signup for a free trial and experience the platform firsthand with no limits on staff access. Use our library as a springboard for your own engaging projects or to answer "Why are we learning this?".

Exclusive Content From Inspiring Role Models

No need for an all-star alumni network or personal connections with top employers. Showcase relevant individuals from a variety of backgrounds to break down barriers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Authentic Engagement? Authentic Engagement is a video library that offers a variety of curated and filtered content linking careers education to your daily lessons.

Who is Authentic Engagement for? Our site is for teachers and career educators.. Our content is appropriate for schools to use in lessons, assemblies and 1-to-1's with students aged 11-18.

How much does Authentic Engagement cost? Watch relevant and engaging career education all for one yearly cost. Our membership starts at £149 a year. No extra costs, no contracts.

Ready to watch? Click below to login or sign up and start your free trial.

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